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Awaken Your Belonging

"If you feel like you've lost connection with the natural world—like a piece is missing from your human experience—

True Nature Marin will lead you back to your roots."

~Lauren A., Reawakening Course participant

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One-on-one nature therapy sessions guide you through releasing unwanted energy and gathering strength from the Earth to support your holistic wellbeing



Curated outdoor experiences for social or professional groups, ranging from casual hikes to transformative team-building workshops



Healing Connections With Nature










All programs are customized to fit your unique needs, abilities, and interests.



       At True Nature Marin, we believe that people and the Earth are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual extensions and reflections of one another. Our bones are rocks. Our blood is water. Our moods are weather patterns. And our souls are forever swirling in the breeze of change. When we forget to honor the natural cycles, seasons, limits, and balances of the Earth, we in turn forget to honor these elements within our own bodies. 

       By cultivating our relationship with nature we clear our internal pathways, allowing the dreams and sensations of our wildness to flow through us once again. When we feel we belong to our natural landscape, we begin to take better care of ourselves, each other, and our planet with deeper love and reverence than we’ve ever experienced before. With awareness and honor, we learn to receive the nourishment and healing powers of the Earth so we may actualize our best selves and create a truly just society.

       Whether you’re someone who has completely lost touch with the natural world or an outdoor enthusiast who wants to deepen your nature-connection practices, we can help you achieve your goals. Experience a new kind of therapy where the guidance you receive is not limited to the knowledge of your human coach but is grounded in the boundless wisdom of the Earth itself. Our mission is to give you the techniques you need to cultivate your own deeply personal relationship with nature so you can continue to receive and reciprocate Earth’s care for the rest of your life.

Tiana Cicco is an ecopsychologist, musician, and writer raised in Marin County, CA.  She holds a master's degree in East-West psychology from CIIS, a certificate in eco-therapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and a bachelor's degree in philosophy and English from UCLA.  Tiana is a former CA State Park Interpreter, a Program Director for Vilda, and has led nature connection classes for adults and children for over fifteen years.



I worked with Tiana over the course of 8 sessions, with the intention to strengthen my connection with Mother Nature/Earth/Gaia, and to build a clearer connection with my own intuition. I was in a phase of letting go of some big, defining relationships in my life, and the ecotherapy sessions with Tiana created a structure for much-needed self-care and time outside in nature every week. Through her teachings, I was able to practice listening to and interacting with nature and my own inner guidance. I learned tools for drawing upon the magic of plants and animals as well as the planet's inner fire to heal and stoke my own inner fire. Tiana is a loving, confident guide and healer, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a new kind of therapy–one that builds trust in yourself through your connection with nature. 

~Amy B., Software Program Manager

Tiana is one of the most intuitive, kind, loving, and passionate people I know when it comes to healing the rifts between humanity and the Earth. She was absolutely sensitive to my needs and would tailor our sessions accordingly. She was always impeccably well prepared for our sessions–going to sites ahead of time, make sure the conditions were right, and bringing any necessary things to keep us comfortable in semi-rugged terrain. She was super available to the things that I needed exploring and healing, and held a beautiful container for my relationship with nature to blossom. My life shifted dramatically by working with Tiana– from having fears of being in nature and feeling unsure of the 'wildness', to backpacking solo for days on end. Working with Tiana gave me the strength I had been looking for to help get me on the land and connect with myself, nature, and the world.  ~Lauren A., Vocal Guide/Performer



Contact us to schedule a free exploratory interview.  We'll talk on the phone for 30-45 minutes to answer questions and see if we're a good fit for working together.  Looking forward to speaking with you!

Tiana Cicco

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San Geronimo, CA 94963

Tel: 415-328-2220

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