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Calendula Skin Salve

Drops of golden sunshine Oil and beeswax infused with light Spreading silky and seeping into my skin For that dewy garden girl glow;)

Since moving into our new house in Occidental, I've been busy falling in love with the plants in our garden. The first to catch my eye was this wild calendula (Calendula arvensis) the petite orange blossoms bursting forth from every latent bed, practically shrieking for attention, longing to be utilized for a good purpose before the summer sun burns their medicine back to source. Just like us humans, plants can get lonely if not seen and appreciated regularly, they can feel unfulfilled if their talents go unshared. Some plants don't want to be picked, they have a purpose to fulfill right where they are. But some plants need our loving hands to unlock their magic. And if your senses and imagination are wide open enough, you can feel them reaching out for your touch; you can hear their silent voices pleading for a deeper connection with you. And so for the past month or so, I've been giving my new garden friends the attention they deserve so that their medicine can manifest and be of benefit. I collected their flower heads in the morning, just after the dew had dried from the petals, when their delicate faces were smiling full up at the sun. While gathering, I made sure to let plenty of seeds fall back into the earth, so that next spring the golden flowers can rise once again. I left the harvested flowers to dry in a paper bag in my warm greenhouse and then let them soak in a mason jar filled with olive oil. The jar sat on my kitchen shelf for many weeks until the oil turned an otherworldly shade of orange. Then I strained out the infused oil and mixed it (on very low heat) with melted beeswax and essential oils of Palma Rosa, Rose Geranium, and Ylang Ylang. I then poured this mixture into small sanitized jars and waited for the medicine to harden... The resulting skin salve that the Calendula and I co-created is pure satin luxury! My skin has never looked softer or brighter, and my heart has never felt so happy and satisfied:) Thank you Calendula for offering yourself so generously. And thank you to all the forces that conspired to guide us into this mutually beneficial relationship *In case you're wondering, these special jars of salve are not for sale. This is primarily because the beautiful medicine of these plant beings is received most potently if you participate directly in their cultivation. If you're curious about how you can deepen your relationships with the plants and animals in your neighborhood – holler at your girl! I have space to guide 1 or 2 new clients and would be thrilled to help you create nourishing nature-connection practices that support the wellbeing of you, your community, and our amazing planet. I offer sliding-scale rates, as I believe everyone should have the resources and opportunity to become a conscious steward of our Earth. So don't be shy! The magic is waiting for you:)

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