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Grateful for Coronavirus

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Each day the quarantine goes on

mortality weighs heavier on my body

A lead jacket growing thicker and thicker

the reality of death creeping closer to my pores

But with this weight there is also

a simultaneous lightening and brightening

in the form of renewed bravery or perhaps

it is reawakened freedom

Freedom to sing the shadows of my heart

Bravery to reach out with shaking hands

Fortitude to listen openly, letting the terrors seep in

without feeling tempted to change the subject

Today I feel grateful for Coronavirus because

it nurtures a deep knowing in me:

The more tenderly I cradle my own fragility

a steadier mother I will be for all of Earth’s children

The more I welcome the inevitable decay of this body

the more I expand into the timelessness of all souls

The more I embrace the sorrow of change

the more I am proven that this virus too

like all things, shall pass

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